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Changes for Disabled Parking Placards

Article posted on Friday, March, 1st, 2013 at 11:29 am

Springfield, Illinois 62756
Jesse White
Secretary of State
Changes to Disabled Parking Program
Due to Passage ofHB 5624 (PA 97-0845)
• HB 5624 creates a new two-tiered parking program for persons with
disabilities allowing for only persons with certain types of disabilities to
qualify for meter-exempt parking in cities and municipalities.
• In addition to the current blue (permanent) and red (temporary) disabled
parking placards currently used in Illinois, a third placard, distinctive
from the blue and red placards, wiII be introduced for those persons
qualifying for meter-exempt parking.
• Beginning in April 2013, the Secretary of State wiII start the recertification
process for all current applicants by mailing information to them along
with a new certification form.
• The recertification form wiII have a new section for the physician to
execute indicating whether the applicant has a disability that would
qualify them for meter exempt parking.
• Applicants wiII need to visit their family physician and have the
recertification form executed.
• Upon receipt of the executed form, the Secretary of State’s Office wiII
issue a new disabled parking placard to the applicant. If the person has a
permanent disability that qualifies for meter-exempt parking, they wiII be
issued the new color placard. If the person has a permanent disability that
does not qualify for meter-exempt parking, they wiII be issued a new blue
disabled parking placard.
• The placards wiII be valid through 2018, and expire on the applicant’s
• Qualification for the red (temporary disability) placard and the green
(organizational) placards wiII remain the same; however, they wiII not
qualify fOl”meter-exempt parking.
• Persons with any type of disabled pal”king placard wiII still be allowed to
park in designated disabled parking spaces at malls as well as grocery and
retail stores were no parking meters are present.
• The Secretary of State’s Office want to work with the organizations
representing people in the disabled community, including the Illinois
Department on Aging and the local Area Agencies on Aging to assist with
questions and concerns about the new program so they can better answer
inquiries from their clients.
• For questions or more information, please contact Mary Riseling 217-524-
1166 or CynthiaGrant at 217-785-3094.
• Disabled applicants may contact the Secretary of State’s Disabled
Placard/Plate Division at 217-782-2434, 217-782-2887, 217-782-2709 .
Types of Disabilities That Will Qualify an Applicant
For Meter Exempt Parking
• Patient cannot manage, manipulate or insert coins, or obtain tickets or
tokens in parking meters or ticket machines in parking lots due to the lack
of fine motor control of BOTH hands.
• Patient cannot reach above his/her head to a height of 42 inches from the
ground due to a lack of finger, hand or upper-extremity strength or
• Patient cannot approach a parking meter due to his/her use of a
wheelchair or other device for mobility.
• Patient cannot walk more than 20 feet due to an orthopedic, neurological,
cardiovascular or lung condition in which the degree of debilitation is so
severe that is almost completely impedes the ability to walk.
***Economic need will not be a consideration to
qualify for meter-exempt parking.

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