The mission of IICIL is to create and maintain independence options for people with disabilities by advocating for civil rights, providing services, and promoting full participation of disabled individuals in all aspects of the community.

Fee for Service Programs

The IICIL has been providing services for people with disabilities and their families for more than 20 years.  To help you establish accessible programs, services and workplaces, we offer several specialized programs.

Sign Language Interpreting

The IICIL offers sign language interpreters for any type of situation.  Interpreters facilitate communication between you and the Deaf person you are communicating with.  All information is strictly confidential. Our Sign Language Interpreters are licensed in Iowa and registered in Illinois. For after hour emergencies, you may call our pager at (563) 327-8448.


CART (Captioning at Real Time) is the translation of spoken English using a stenotype machine.  CART is a service that can be provided for one-on-one meetings, small or large groups.   Captioning is used by people who have lost their hearing later in life, English as a Second Language or others who want to see what they are hearing word for word.

Braille Services

The IICIL offers Braille and embossing services for your business needs.  With our “state of the art” embossing machine, your logo or clip art can be visualized by the blind person.

Accessibility Audits

The IICIL provides Accessibility Audits for your business.  One of our trained auditors will perform an audit of your business.  The auditor checks both inside and outside of your business to spot any barriers that may prohibit a person with a disability from using your business.    The standards used by the auditor are taken straight from the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, Iowa or Illinois State Accessibility Codes and Fair Housing Standards.


Support is provided in choosing and becoming skilled in using the most appropriate transportation options. Support also relates to van modifications and acquisition of a driver’s license and handicapped license plates.

Please call our office for prices and availability.

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