The mission of IICIL is to create and maintain independence options for people with disabilities by advocating for civil rights, providing services, and promoting full participation of disabled individuals in all aspects of the community.


What Is Homecoming

Persons with disabilities can return home to the community after living in a nursing home or institution.

Who is Eligible for Homecoming

Illinois residents between the ages of 18 and 59 and are currently living in a nursing

home and want to live independently in their home or apartment.

Who Will Help You

IICIL Community Reintegration Advocates assists persons 18-59 years of age living in nursing homes to relocate and live independently in housing of their choice in their community. Call the Center at (309) 793-0090

What Help Can You Expect

  • Assistance in developing a relocation plan to transition from nursing home to community living
  • Identify necessary community supports for successful relocation to community living of your choice, such as affordable housing, personal care attendants, home health aids or adaptive devices.
  • Funds for relocation expenses
  • Information and Referral, Advocacy, Peer Support and Skills Training as needed.


  • Home modifications (ramps, bathroom grab bars, etc.
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Telephone
  • Security Deposits
  • Furniture and appliances
  • Household supplies
  • And More

Nursing Home Transition

The center offers services to Illinois consumers to move them from nursing homes to community living. The services include the four core services of advocacy, independent living skills, peer support and information and referral and funds to obtain housing, furniture, etc.

Personal Care Assistance

(PA) Management Training PA services are in-home, consumer directed services which allow a severely disabled person to live in the community of their choice. The IICIL provides training to the consumer on how to hire, fire, train, manage, and supervise a PA. The IICIL also provides a general orientation to PA’s on consumer and PA rights & responsibilities, Independent Living philosophy, disability awareness. IICIL does not fund PAs.


Support is provided in choosing and becoming skilled in using the most appropriate transportation options. Support also relates to van modifications and acquisition of a driver’s license and handicapped license plates.

Independent Living Skills

This service emphasizes building consumer skills in any of the thirteen domains of independent living. It may be provided on a one-to-one basis or through groups to address the common needs of consumers, or both. Either way this is a structured learning process. After completing any skills training curriculum, program participants receive a certificate indicating they completed training in a specific area.


Reflecting such basic tenets as the right to control one’s own life and to make choices, this core service involves a process that empowers consumers to act on their own behalf and resist accepted norms of dependency. Consumer advocacy incorporates an array of approaches aimed at helping people with disabilities to take charge of their choices in life and overcome situations that reduce their potential for being independent.

Housing Assistance & Referral

Provision of information and problem solving assistance with locating and securing affordable, accessible housing. This includes research into public and private sector housing markets and use of the IICIL Housing Listings which includes public and private sector rental units in six county area served by the IICIL.

Information and Referral

Access to information and referral services is essential for people with disabilities. In addition to varied types of direct services, individuals need information on options, resources, and the issues that influence their abilities to achieve independent lifestyles. Referrals can be essential to achieving independence, most often involving a variety of agencies and community organizations. Information and referral services are also provided to other service providers and the community at large. This assistance is instrumental in increasing public awareness of disability issues and knowledge of the service options and resources available to people with disabilities from the center and the community. The Center also operates an information & referral library which loans and copies materials

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