IICIL assists in the transitioning of persons from institutions to the community, prevention of institutionalization and transitioning of youth from post-secondary education to employment and community living. 

The IICIL staff can answer questions to increase knowledge about disability issues and community resources. A fully accessible information and referral library is available to the general public. 

Skills training teach consumers the daily living skills needed to live independently. A variety of training and individualized instruction is offered at the IICIL in our fully accessible kitchen, in the consumer's homes, in the classs room or other convenient locations. 

Individuals with disabilities are taught problem solving methods for successful independent living. Peers share experiences, provide support and education, and serve as positive role models for consumers. We have a number of active peer support groups for Older Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals and persons who are Blind or have Low Vision. 

IICIL provides one-on-one advocacy in support of individuals with disabilities. We also advocate for the civil and human rights of persons with disabilities on the local, state and federal levels. Staff actively participates in consumer groups and is available to provide consultation and assistance for legislative and community civil rights and accessibility concerns. 

Core Services

Independent Living Skills

Peer Support

Information & Referral