Information on affordable accessible housing options and problem solving assistance with locating and securing affordable, accessible housing is available at the IICIL. This includes research into public and private sector rental units in our six county service areas. We partner with other housing resources, retain current information on local trends and the creation of new housing. 

Trained staff provides information on how to correctly interact with people who have disabilities in social or professional settings; including language usage and other etiquette. Contact the IICIL to arrange for DAT training tailored to meet the needs your business or organization. 

Housing Referral and Assistance

The Center, as a non-for-profit organization has many tasks to complete in order to accomplish its mission and a limited amount of funds and resources. Utilizing volunteers with disabilities in all aspects of its programs, from clerical to more complex activities, benefits both the center and our volunteers. If you or anyone you know are interested in volunteering, please contact us today!

Disability Awareness Training

Other IICIL Services & Programs 

IICIL provides training on how to use the public transportation systems and skills to identify the most appropriate transportation options. Other transportation support includes identifying accessible transportation vendors for van modifications and information on the acquisition of a driver's license and handicapped license plates. 

Transportation Support

Volunteer Opportunities for People with Disabilities and Others