‚ÄčThe Illinois/Iowa Center for Independent Living's mission is to create and maintain independence options for people with disabilities through advocating for, providing services to, and promoting full participation of persons with disabilities in all aspects of the community.

The center offers an array of services that assist people with disabilities in participating to their fullest extent. The center is responsive to a wide range of areas that relate to persons with disabilities achieving a productive and independent lifestyle. Unlike many human service programs, the focus on independent living is broad, encompassing the varied dimensions of knowledge, skills, options, personal growth, and support associated with living independently.

Any civic, community organization, business, etc. is eligible for services, which are directed at improving independent living for any person or group. Such services include: accessibility audits, barrier removal, Braille services, disability awareness/education regarding disability issues/concerns, and any service which shows the potential to enhance the ability of persons with disabilities to be active.

Our services