* High Speed Internet
* JAWS Professional Dedition w/ SMA
* Open Book 8.0
* DigiCom 2000
* Clarity CLTR Travelmate Video Magnifier with AutoFocus,
* Color Camera with desktop & DistanceViewing Capability
* Madentec Tracker One with Screen Doors & Magic Cursor
* Logitech Wheel Mouse Optical
* Ultimate Expert Trackball
* Alva 544 Satellite Braille Display
* Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional Edition
* WYNN Wizard with OCR Software
* X-Keys foot Pedals with USB connector
* Cirque Smart Cat Touchpad with USB connector
* Whale Mouse USB
* Quill Mouse Left & Right Handed USB
* Big Keys LX Keyboard with Qwerty Layout for PC
* Large Print Keyboard (Black on White)
* Large Print Keyboard (White on Black)
* Mayline VariTask Tables & Data Centers
* My TTY
* D-Link for Video Relay

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Computer Technology Lab Hours

Computer Lab Features

Computer Lab

Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 12:00 pm

1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
IICIL Office
501 11th Street

Rock Island, IL 61201

Through the IICIL Technology Lab we will be able to provide basic and internet skills to the underserved populations including people of all ages with disabilities and their families as well as low-income residents in our service area.

Individual or group classes are available, those looking to learn basic computer skill are encouraged to sign up by contacting the Center at 309-793-0090 V / TTY.

The lab is open to the general public with knowledge of basic computer and internet skills.

*Please bring a photo ID.

Classes with specialized equipment and software will be available for persons who have low vision or are blind, deaf or hard of hearing, have a physical disability or are Spanish speaking.

Mobile lab training will be available for those interested in home based classes. Agencies are also encouraged to contact the Center if they are interested in partnership training for persons with disabilities.

Specialized Equipment and Software Available for:

* Low Vision or Blind
* Deaf or Hard of Hearing
* Physical Disability
* Spanish Speaking

* The Doris and Victor Day Foundation

* The Rausch Foundation

* Iowa Disabilities Internet Education Project

* Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation 
* Mediacom
* Sprint