Technical Assistance

The IICIL is a testing site for Amplified Phones. If you or someone you know has a difficult time hearing over the phone, you may be eligible for the Amplified Phone program. This program is FREE, and there are no age requirements. Applicants must be Illinois residents.

You may pick up an application packet from our office and meet with one of our advocates for more information.

ITAC Amplified Phones

Public Education and Outreach


IICIL provides information to the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community about services through presentations, workshops, sensitivity training, quarterly newsletter and media. Public education is also available to agencies serving the Deaf/Hard of Hearing communities.

IICIL Deaf Services Technical Assistance is available to consumers, businesses and organizations.  Our staff is qualified to provide training in the use of assistive devices including TTY’s, signalers and closed caption decoders. The IICIL also maintains a list of vendors, both local and nationwide, who provide various types of adaptive equipment.

The IICIL provides assistance to consumers who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing on an individual basis when requested. The IICIL advocates for civil and human rights of people who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing on the local, state and federal level. We encourage persons who believe they are experiencing discrimination to learn and use self advocacy skills.

Deaf or Hard of Hearing Services